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Grrr !!

2011-07-03 16:53:40 by onlineNOW

WTF i just got scoated and evryone could publiclly view my work and it were all cool but now iv been removed from the portall and barley anyone can se my work GRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!
cmon guys get mr scouted pwease and some more ideas would help
thanks x


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2011-07-03 16:56:14

How about YOU make better art.

(Updated ) onlineNOW responds:

how about u shut the fck up and get a life, and in all fair ness ur art is litrally an single pixel xube and then a copy of flapjackcartoon :S i meen wtf and art is an expressive format so if u dont like it dont comment because peaple may like it and to be frank ur art is SH!t
^ sorry realise thats a lil mean and ur art aint to bad im just stressed when peaple say ma works shit coz i mean yeah there only doodles but be nice about it because some of us have feelings oki


2011-07-03 17:05:22


onlineNOW responds:

dont lauph its piss anoyin :@ and im diggin the funk dancin link shiz :L


2011-07-03 18:23:10

your not good enough to be scouted, and asking to be scouted will only hurt your chances.
Sirhenry should have known better than to scout you at this level. Practice more, a lot more, and then you may have a slim chance.

onlineNOW responds:

but surley as i got scouted after what a week it means i have a level of PEsaz :L even if it is small and im not beggin to be scoutedd im just anoyed , wouldent you be , i meen its like buyin a kid a 3ds then goin oh wait iv just decided u dont desvre that and talkin it back after he started his new adventure on his game
^ wow bad metaphor :L
ill take into ur advice and i garenty ma pics will get better beacuase at the mo im using a 2inch by 2 inch touch pad on a tiny net book all of paint but now im gunna download gimp and im saving up for a tablet to draw with