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:D :D

2011-07-12 17:07:07 by onlineNOW

LoopyKitty is awsome thanks allot , the artwork she does kiks ass u guys should check it out

what to do ?

2011-07-05 08:26:06 by onlineNOW

hey guys still need some ideas seriuslly ma minds blac :'(
just pm me ur ideas and ill give it a go

Grrr !!

2011-07-03 16:53:40 by onlineNOW

WTF i just got scoated and evryone could publiclly view my work and it were all cool but now iv been removed from the portall and barley anyone can se my work GRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!
cmon guys get mr scouted pwease and some more ideas would help
thanks x

hey guys if ur reading thos cna u do me a favour simply send me a messsage from a pic you would like to se me draw and ill attept to draw it because im a lil bored and i dont have many ideas, tar guys